About Me

Contact: terriwhetstone3gmail.com
Terri Whetstone was born in Edmonton, Alberta where she studied painting, art history and literature at University, having previously studied Interior Design and Photography at college.  She graduated with a BFA from the University of Alberta, where she studied with noted Canadian abstract painters. This education informs the formalist backbone of her art practise, while her creative process is rooted in the conceptual approaches of erasure and of re-presenting altered imagery in carefully constructed layered compositions.

As an emerging artist in Edmonton and Toronto, she exhibited photo-installation and photomontage works as well as paintings. After a hiatus from the studio, Terri returned to painting and exhibiting in 2006. Her exhibition history in Nova Scotia since then includes many solo and group exhibitions.

Recently Whetstone has been making paper collages. These have been exhibited at Hermes Gallery and The Craig Gallery in Halifax, and at ArtsPlace in Annapolis Royal.  2016 through 2017 have been especially busy exhibition years, with Terri’s work being presented in three solo and three group shows.  A last exhibition for 2017 is planned for November/December at the Corridor Gallery, Halifax, NS.

In August of 2017, Terri was selected to be a mentor to an emerging artist through Visual Arts Nova Scotia’s Mentorship program. She is honoured to accept this role.

Terri’s artworks can express a hybridity of ideas by juxtaposing forms and images  from historical textile design, botany, and popular culture. However, since late 2017, she is returning to abstraction in both her paintings and collages. Terri’s studio is located on the south shore of Nova Scotia, where she has lived for 25 years.

~ Photo credit: Mireille Bourgeois, 2017