Botanical Collages

I’ve been constructing my collaged botanical illustrations as if from a post-apocalyptic world where genetic-modification and the detritus of human activity (clothing, household furnishings, metals, plastics) have transformed the plant morphology once so valued and delicately rendered by botanical illustrators, like Redouté.

Literally taking a page out of Redouté’s book, I have re-purposed vintage prints contemporizing the scientific observation that botanical illustrations rely on, to assert that the fascination with the exotic in nature that has held us enthralled for a very long time is likely to remain alluring to us however transformed “Nature” ultimately becomes.

The botanical collages are intended as a cautionary tale and contain many of the concerns I am most interested in as an artist: composition, beauty, humour, erasure, appropriation, and historical knowledge and folklore re-contextualized and transformed by contemporary and popular culture.