Terri Whetstone is originally from Edmonton, Alberta and for the last twenty-five years has made her home in Blandford, Nova Scotia where she has her studio. Primarily a painter, Terri also works with collage, digital photography, mixed media and textiles.

Terri graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Alberta, where she studied with noted Canadian abstract painters. This education informs the formalist backbone of her art practice, while her creative process is rooted in the conceptual approaches of re-presenting altered imagery.

Terri’s artworks express a hybridity of ideas through juxtaposing forms and images from popular Culture (including music), textile design, Science and whatever else catches her attention. Her abstract work is concerned with the aesthetics of colour, edge, line and rhythm. She is also concerned with "Found Art" in the public and domestic realms, which she documents through her photographs.

Terri is the founder of the beloved community arts program the Art Bikers in Halifax, NS (with Jesse Harrod); and the Phoenix Open Studio program at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia (with Dale Sheppard). She has been the Executive Director of the 4Cs Foundation in Halifax, NS since 2006.


"Script", 2018.(Found painting)
Digital photograph. Various sizes.