Artist Statement

I meant to be a writer. I became a painter when I fell in love with canvas and paint. Eventually I embraced other media but at heart, and by training, I am a painter.

The subject matter of my work is found in my circumstances in an overt or symbolic sense and is related intimately to my outlook and understanding.


What keeps you coming back to the studio, day after day?

It is a personal space in the world where I am free to think and explore. It can be a rabbit hole or a place of work. It all depends on which stage of exploring or expressing an idea that I find myself.

What’s the best way someone has responded to your artwork (comment in a guest book, at an exhibit, etc.) 

By buying my art.

What question are you asked most frequently about your work? 

What were you thinking?

Who is your art for? 

Anyone, but in realty it plays out to be a handful (or two) of people with a sense of irony or humour. I had an mentor who said, “If you find five people who get and support your work, you’ve succeeded.” Fortunately I have found more than five - and I wholeheartedly thank them.

Artist Statement