Paintings > Cartouche series

These images, symbols, icons and maps are the flotsam and jetsam of an artist’s mind engaged in observing and creating relationships in the search for new ways of expressing meaning. The paintings invite the viewer to associatively recognize, unlock, or find their own experiences within the paintings to create a common path across this terrain.

painting of map with skeleton, masks, monkey, staghorn beetle, colourful patterns
Acrylic on canvas
64.5 x 44 in. / 164 x 112 cm
red crow with arabseque patterns blue yellow
Acrylic on canvas
70 x 42 in. / 170 x 107 cm
mapping space mapping the human body, mapping the globe, astronaut, floral, North Pole, Red
Acrylic on canvas
62.5 x 39 in / 158.6 x 98.5 cm
Tulip, tulips, Turkish Plate, ninja, Red, India ink, patterns
Acrylic paint , India Ink on canvas
66 x 42 in. / 168 x 106 cm
Cartouche 5 (Like Icarus Descending), 2008
Acrylic paint, conte on canvas
61 x 47 in. / 155 x 119.3 cm
Monkeys, Globe, Climate Change, Red, painting, floral patterns
Acrylic on canvas
118.5 x 165 cm / 46.6 x 65 inches
Black vines, patterns, deer, skipping rope, target, bees, Red painting
Acrylic paint on canvas
66 x 47 in. / 168.5 x 120 cm

Cartouche 6 installed in owner's home.