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Images of artworks included in the exhibition. Contact Gallery for information.


Terri Whetstone is a visual artist working in a range of media including painting, collage, rughooking, relief printing and photography. 

Her work is influenced by deep observance and sensitivity to both the natural world and human culture - especially art history, music, myth and literature. She is currently preoccupied with language, silence and Asemic writing.

The artwork in this exhibition is her response to a world that has become noisier, more opinionated, and more alienating.

From an interview in "Mistranlations" magazine (UK, December 2022) Whetstone says: “Asemic writing is alchemy. It is this tool of transmutation that opens me up to expressing everything I've ever wanted to write but don't wish to have read. It lets me be both writer and visual artist creating phenomenological spaces and perceptual constructs where "meaning" is achieved only through the recursive experience of viewing the artworks. 

Asemic writing creates a liminal space where one is no longer stating opinions or platitudes. It is entirely non-self-referential, and that is brilliant and needed in a global culture where people say too much too much of the time.”